As a Digital Media Strategist, the main focus of my work is split into two main areas: 

1. Podcast Strategy - Developing a game plan for systemizing, growing and simplifying your podcast.

2. Digital Media Innovation & Creativity - Finding not just new but INNOVATIVE ways for you to develop and deliver digital content so you can wow your audience.

I'm the secret weapon in your pocket when you've run out of ideas and are sick of doing the same thing everyone else is doing. 

Quiet. Watchful. Listening. 

I immerse myself in your work and from that, emerge with fuel for blasting the stale and bland into delectable ideas and strategies that are fully aligned with you and who you want to be in the world. 

Jam packed ONE-off Digital Power Sessions 

You've got a challenge. I've got  9 years under my belt of solving those types of challenges. 1 hour. My undivided attention. Let's do this. 


One-on-One Ongoing Strategy :: The Digital Jedi Sessions 

For renegade, committed and 100% IN podcasters and digital media creatives ready for off-the-hook transformation, creativity and impact. 

This is no joke. For warriors only